February 2009

Let’s Go Racing

{nl}For those of us having off season racing withdrawls, there is relief in sight as the 2009 Season Opener nears. In spite of constant reminders of  the current economic crisis, the upcoming season here at 5 Flags Speedway appears ready to begin on a very positive note. We’ve been busy here since the Checkered Flag fell on the 41st Snowball Derby. Despite the ever increasing operational costs here, we are vowing to keep ticket prices as low as possible for as long as possible. This year will see no price increases at the ticket window or pit booth. We are […]

Cheney At A Different Derby

Pro Late Model Driver Shain Cheney was the recent guest of honor at the Boy Scouts Annual Pinewood Derby, held in downtown Pensacola. Shain put his Roto Rooter, Total Performance South, Chevrolet on display for the large crowd to admire, and answered questions about Racing at 5 Flags Speedway. Shain was equally impressed with the determination of all the contestants in the Pinewood Derby, many of whom will continue their interest in racing and possibly be future racers at 5 Flags. As reward to all the winners in this great Scouting event, they will be guest of honors along with […]

Matt Hawkins 1988 – 2009

Matt Hawkins has passed away at the age of 21 in his home state of Georgia.{nl}{nl}Matt will be remembered on the track for being the only driver to ever win in the ARCA RE/MAX Series and USAR Pro Cup Series in his first starts.  Off the track, he was known as a exceptionally kind, polite and personable young man.  Matt will be missed greatly by his family, friends and the racing community.{nl} {nl}From: http://www.matthawkins.net/{nl} {nl}At 5 Flags Speedway, we would like to add our heartfelt compassion and prayers to the family and friends of Matt.{nl} {nl}Matt won the 2006 Allen Turner Snoflake 100 […]

Swap Meet A Big Sucess

{nl}If the 3rd Annual Racer’s Swap Meet, held Saturday at 5 Flags Speedway is any indication, the 2009 Season should be a rousing success. Over 40 vendors were on hand with everything and anything one might need to race, or build a race car or engine. Racer’s representing almost every facet of the motorsports world were on hand. The most encouraging sign that there were a multitude of buyers on hand as well. Cars, trailers and engines were seen swapping hands,{nl} {nl}Additionally, racers were briefed on the 2009 Rules and Procedures for 5 Flags Speedway. The ’09 scheduled was discussed, as […]