January 2016

Drifting Slides Back into 5 Flags Speedway

Five Sliding Saturdays are set for 5 Flags this year starting the end of February.  The event attracts drifters from Central Florida to Louisiana who helmet up and put on some old tires and start the screeching.  Drifting will be in the afternoon into the early evening on February 27th, April 23rd, June 11th, August 13th and ending on October 1st.  Mountain Dew is the series sponsor.

Want to join in?  LOOK at this video to see what Drifting is all about!

5 Flags Drifting Video




Van Cleave Mississippi  driver Ricky Johnson made it two in a row

for his efforts in the second annual Cyclops Vapor Sweat Hogg Grand Prix.

He propelled his #84 from a 5th place starting spot to the winning checkers

after 90 solid minutes of driving on the twisting and turning road course.

He completed 109 laps when the time expired.  Lee Hutchinson finished

second in the same  lap.


The win earned Johnson $1,000.00


23 cars all passed inspection to start the race limited to front wheel drive 4 cylinder

cars on a course that used the front stretch and then snaked through the infield and

back on the track […]